Monthly Archive: January 2019



Well, this was a nice, and slightly easier to make catch during raids happening last weekend. As opposed to the Kyogre who kept moving around and was so far off in the back. At least I got this guy, for now.


The Revolution

Is small and on the street corner. I was over by Pershing Square and saw this small group of people doing some kind of rally. Seem like more far left wing people.

I was talking to one guy and telling him how I’ve tricked some people to condemn a quote from Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, talking about how the rich should contribute to the expense and been called a socialist because of it. Then ask them why they hate capitalism. He enjoyed that.


What Phone?

I see that sign way up saying public phone, but don’t see one anywhere. I wonder what kind of phone it was? iPhone? Android? Nokia?


Practice Run

The Super Bowl is on, next week, and I’ll likely not pay much attention to the game and just be on the computer the whole time. But in the mean time, another old football photo of mine. During practice in Moorpark.


What Do You Call That?

A little while ago, I came across this little video, of Trump bragging about how knowledgeable of a person he is. Of course nothing seemed right about it and all I could think of it, what kind of person would make such outrages claims about themselves? Then it hit me.

I still don’t understand how anyone can eat up his mass of lies so easily.

John Wick 3 0

John Wick 3

I enjoyed watching the killing spree that was the first 2 movies, and I’m sure he will make the top score in, what I understand is meant to be the last movie of the series, and will have the most people killed by a single person in one movie. Beating out Topper Harley in Hot Shots! Part Deux.



Get Back Here

The Super Bowl is coming in less then 2 weeks. One of the teams playing is an LA team, The Rams. Pretty sure I won’t pay much attention to the game as it’s playing. I don’t care much for sports unless I’m actually at a game, because it’s way more fun that way.

So for now, here is one of my old football photos taken between Moorpark and Mt SAC.


Great Scotty

When you are out to pick something up, and someone makes this out of the plant life growing outside. Wait, that’s real, right?