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The Founding Order 1

The Founding Order

made this for some contest on deviantart, I didn’t win crap… assholes

A new group known as the founding order wishes to bring a new era of peace, justice, and law. much so they will bring an end to anyone that does not follow.

this is a problem for our local heroes who will not to submit there own will to something that has the potential of being far more dangerous

along the way shock gains a new ability, the THUNDERDOME

Attack of the LeperCon 0

Attack of the LeperCon

He’ll give you Leprosy…

so awhile back i had this idea for a photoshopping of some leprechaun like dude attacking people and i came in to battle him for st. patricks day. when i thought of i was already to late, so i figure make it next year… i forgot again, but this year i finally did it

Angels and Demons 0

Angels and Demons

I made this before I did the comic, and not sure why I didn’t load this up before. Oh well I’m doing so now, at the time might have been my biggest most epic photoshop at the time. Was done spring ’07. the idea behind this was an angel and demon are battling each other, I have no idea whats going on so I went to check it out and attack me instead.

Take Back Whats Mine 0

Take Back Whats Mine

So back in may ’07 I had my iPod stolen, I had it locked up in a room all safe and when I got back to it it was gone. I didn’t kill myself like some people (WARNING NSFW), but I did want to find the person and get there head. To this date I still don’t have it.

So later on some guy on deviantart has a contest where the winner can get an ipod, but has to use one of his stock photos. I figured why not, might not be my old one I’ll have one again, and if you look carefully you’ll see an ipod in the fairy’s hand. When I sent it in it turned out I was to late and was not happy at all about that… I was given a wrong time

at least made for a nice photoshop

Napalm #1 0

Napalm #1

alright, so something I did awhile back was try out for the show “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” yeah, I know, bad show. hey, I was called by some agency that heard of me because i tried out for some other bad TV show, and wanted to get on just to being annoying. but didn’t care ether really.

then I heard of this contest some site was doing in part with the show, make a comic of some superhero of yours doing this or that whatever and win a big ass TV, 2nd place gets a 24 in widescreen monitor. I won the monitor, and soon ebay’d it because I need the money more.

If they do a season 3 of the show, I will not try out for it. the reason has nothing to do with the producers of the show despite the fact I don’t think they were very truthful on somethings. Its most of the other wannabe heroes, I just felt the were way too uptight and had no scene of humor. and not sure they noticed about themselves, but to me some of them seemed kind of selfish. It’s sad seeing good heroes good bad, but to be honest very few of them had anything interesting about them.

Battle with Balrog 0

Battle with Balrog

one of many places you might have seen this guy, somewhere on hollywood, comic con, the movie Borat. I later on meet him, he’s in fact a cool guy, and turns out another friend of mine knows him too. I just wanted to do a simple photoshop with him, when I told him I had something interesting in mind he was like “oh, a battle.” awesome

Pumpkin Command 2

Pumpkin Command

made on halloween ’07, I got the idea of walking pumpkins somewhere and sounded like would make for an interesting photoshop. a friend of mine wanted me to photoshop her in something, she wanted lightning powers so I figured why not.
at first I had something else in mind for the person controlling the pumpkins, give them a pumpkin head but was being annoying to add on so I did without