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AAA to the rescue

alright, this weeks winner is Dennis Wilen with…

My ride is protected by 100% Bling-Strength Leave-n-Lock© byotch, so don’t you be fuckin’ with my shite. Oh, and ask Mom if I can buy some red vines with my allowance.

alright this week. first of all I want to thank Frankie From Anime Expo from sending me this. now i tend to make captions myself for the AAA photos but i have nothing so i figured you guys can give me something. Check out the other AAA photos here to get an idea


In the Game

so a friend of mine was hanging with me at my place, and at the time he just got himself a Mr. Saturn plush from the Earthbound games. I being me thought this might make a funny photo, his mr saturn and my armadillo playing Smash Bros. Brawl


You Got Mail

some days you just want your mail, and you want it now. and some peopl… or armadillos just can’t wait any longer


AAA the Armadillo

One of my very first photos after I got my SLR. I have a photo series of a toy armadillo I got going through texas when I was a kid, and still makes for much usefulness. I’m still in the process of redoing all the older photos that I took before with my old camera, but still looking to do some new ideas with in the time