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What I’m finding lately 0

What I’m finding lately

I don’t know whats up, some of the sites I go to are becoming riddled with them. And it’s not just banner ads but random text on some pages have also become hyperlinks.


Oh Jokey

Found this last year along Topanga. Also I remember awhile back seeing a bench ad for the movie District 9 saying no non-humans aloud to sit on it and was wanting to take a photo of someones dog sitting on it. Never did, sad. Also I was hoping a sequel wold of come out for it, and for people that have seen it it should of been expected to of come out this year going with a certain line from the movie.

Gorgonops Ad 0

Gorgonops Ad

So does anyone remember the comic I made awhile back? you know, The Elongated Penis Man Situation? I really should make more but thats hard because how rarely different people are available at the same time. Any who when I made it it was for a class of mine at the time and to help fill pages I made some fake ads. I believe this was one I used for the back cover and wanted to make something a little goofy so I used a real, yet long extinct animal, the Gorgonops to be a new and improved mail order pet. It was interesting trying to make the two drawings I used to make it pop a little, a photo from the show Primeval and another I ripped out from the show and placed it in one of my photos with a friend riding it.


For what Reason?

Alright I know last weeks photo was bad, but I couldn’t find anything that good so I panicked and went with that… this week, love them? don’t shoot them. why?

Yeah all I can find slightly new years related. The best part was this photo was taken in July last year.

Who would do this? 1

Who would do this?

alright, this weeks winner, once again is Kris with…

Alien face huggers are nesting on the subway! EVERYBODY PANIC!!!

and now this week, you tell me… yes, i know, this will be hard but i believe in you guys.


Warcraft Cataclysm Print Ad

So blizzard had themselves a contest for the now released Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft. When I learned what the prizes are I of course went for it, so I can ebay my winnings. Sadly it seems mine was never noticed at all, well I thought it was funny. Would be nice if they could tell me why it was rejected, didn’t know you can do that unless you break any of the rules for it in which I don’t think I did. oh well, here it is anyways.


What does now?

so like yeah, only one person posted for last weeks photo. I have someone I know tell me it was to hard to think of something good, but the one caption posted in fact made me have a little crack, making this weeks winner be default is Michael Pattinson with…

Sir, “bus pass” does not mean you can “bus pass-out”!

also in sad news, my older cat died thursday, I was with her the whole and I watched her go. It was heartbreaking but I’m proud of her, she lived a long time and was quite a fighter till the end. I’ll going to made a little photo memoriam of her, one of the greatest cats to live, and was once power enough to take down a crow, a bird her size.

and now what you have all been waiting for, this weeks photo, you tell me…


The Burgers have Eyes

alright, was hoping for more stuff last this week, is what I’m posting up to hard to think of something or does no one care? anywho, this week it is jenn with

I know what you did last summer…

and yes, it is a Kookaburra

now this week, i don’t know you tell me…