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Kittens Attack Banana 0

Kittens Attack Banana

It’s been awhile since I recorded another video of them. And yes, they have gotten big. As of posting this the video is still being processed. Not sure why it’s taking so long.

He’s back… 0

He’s back…

So since I am unable to use the current version of the shark for my attacks because of how I drew it out and I wanted to make them again I figured start using 2.0 for them. It still works, why not?

Pepper Spray Cop 0

Pepper Spray Cop

I know the joke is long past and I’ve been trying to think of some ideas of what to make with this cop dude but I have nothing. I made this before as a test because I made my own little templet file and I wanted to see how it would turn out in any image I would add it in. Might as well post it here anyways. and if any do pop up I’m ready.

Just Waiting 1

Just Waiting

alright, this weeks winner, by default is stephanie with

Shit! Thats what my voice sounds like? They made this look so easy on Glee!! Alright, be cool, just smile. Maybe they wont notice I suck..

I have to be honest, that would have been hard to beat anyways.

and this weeks photo. my kittys, more so a photo of the beast that i forgot about. I still miss her. so they found a cricket what are they thinking?

Attack of the LeperCon 0

Attack of the LeperCon

He’ll give you Leprosy…

so awhile back i had this idea for a photoshopping of some leprechaun like dude attacking people and i came in to battle him for st. patricks day. when i thought of i was already to late, so i figure make it next year… i forgot again, but this year i finally did it

Return to the Surf 0

Return to the Surf

when I was at AX ’07 and was at a friends beach house, when I walked to the water saw surfers out and about, and look who comes out to join.

to date this has been my last shark attack