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Mr. Money Bag

This guy has to have the coolest backpack I’ve seen. Would of been less blur if I wasn’t also in a car that was just starting to move again but I let him know, his bag was awesome.

When god gives you Lemons 4

When god gives you Lemons

alright, this weeks winner is Kris with…

…two cups of coffee and a bran muffin…

I expected a few more, oh well. this week we have two bags of lemons someone wants to give away. now the question is, what can you use them for?


Tea Baggers

So, like yeah, around the US protest where going on here and there about obama being president, and not liking the fact he won by saying he is taxing them to death… ok. the theme of the idea was from the Boston Tea Party because thats what that was about back then, being over taxed. and they called themselves… Tea Baggers, no I’m not kidding, Tea Baggers.

don’t let them tea bag you