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I’ve got you now!

So awhile back on my old computer I was finding myself running out of hard drive space. At the time I had the original 30 GB drive and a 120 GB internal that I also put in later which was a life saver, for a while. I didn’t want to have to start deleting photos so what I did was I started putting photos on CD’s to help save space. And then I decided to make things easier on myself and got a 500GB external drive which was a very good idea. Well the computer I use now have a 1 TB dive and I still have that external on me so all should be good for a while still.

But of all that, I found the CD’s again which I didn’t burn many of found this from an old softball game I was at. Also I need to make something Shark Week related but I have no ideas.


In my Sights

From a game I was taking photos at years ago for some journalism conference california community colleges take part of. After we were done taking photos the bunch of us photographers got sent to a room full of computers to edit our photo, mainly for contest reasons and I remember this one girl was freaking out and crying because she really had no idea how to use photoshop. I ended up helping her out, good thing I got my work done on my photo quickly. I think she thanked me a little to much.


Oh no you don’t…

I know, I haven’t really do doing much in a while, mainly because there is nothing going on really. this sucks entirely. Also I wanted to post something else football related after the game sunday but forgot and now posting anyways.