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Your Goregrind Band Name

So I came across this image awhile back of what would your band be called based on your initials, and I got cracked up. Now the image has been getting pasted around the internet, saved and reserved lowering the image quality so I figured make a new, cleaned up version. And make it a bit bloody looking to.

So, whats your band name?

Any Requests? 1

Any Requests?

alright, this weeks winner is Andrew with…

Diabetes killed the dinosaurs.

haha, things die… anywho, give me something good for this, the more crazy the better as always. and you don’t necessarily have to name a song. if you want can put in some line that would be funny.

CityLimits goes to the Dogs 0

CityLimits goes to the Dogs

a video i made with some buddies that meant to be one thing and become something else altogether. I wanted to put in the first part because it is still highly entertaining and i think more people should be fun like this.

BackTrax – I Wanna Dance with Somebody 0

BackTrax – I Wanna Dance with Somebody

A friend of mine playing with her band, she is the one singing lead for this song.
to be honest, over all sounds much better in person, my video camera just isn’t that great but it can still record so I’m happy about that.

covering the Whitney Houston song I Wanna Dance with Somebody

check out the bands site here


Sagebrush Cantina – BackTrax

so I friend of mine has this band she sings in BackTrax, they play mostly cover songs from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, and they all do pretty good job if you ask me. For a while she wanted me to goto one of her shows and take some photos and a little video, well the photos are now online, video is being edited now so I’ll have that online later.

so for now, enjoy the stills


Mark Sylvis Tribute Show

So was a fun night with 4 bands playing and proceeds going to his family. Mark himself was a musician and played with 3 of the bands that played, He played guitar and vocals. The first one Almost Gone where different people sang in place of him, another was a cover band he was in and the 3rd band were of supporters. the last band that band was the last one he was in when he died. all bands played hard and they played well and I’m glad I was there to join.

Rock on Man