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So, This is Betty.

No, not the same one That I posted a photo with the other day. A different one who is just as powerful. I was at E3 during the day and didn’t get inside. But there was also this outside by the nvidia tent promoting the game Titanfall and asking people to take photos with it with and to post on twitter. That I will do. I have some other photos (not much really) but that will be for later.


Betty DeGeneres

Here is my photo with her taken by a friend of mine, with his camera. And while I have time I want to mention a couple of weird things that happened to me that day. There was this one dude that came up to me believing I was someone he knew, and sadly I was clueless so I asked him to help me figure it out. I let him know I was straight and said back “yeah, you don’t seem to give out a gay vibe at all.” Talked shortly then he took off, but not before first giving me a hug then trying to make out with me. Wow, I’ll sure remember him now.

Another guy that I ran into while hang with some other friends of mine that had joined, decided to lock arms with me and started walking off. I started laughing.

Oh man, can’t wait for ned year.