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Bible Basher

Kind of the start of something I have in mind. I know it looks kind of crappy because I kind of rushed it. Should look better when redrawn on computer.


Whats a Hell?

And what does look like? really I should be taking better photos then crap like this I see around. though funny I can do more.

So, a bats a bird huh? 0

So, a bats a bird huh?

Something I was recently reminded of, so I made something out of it. sadly I have no photos of bats of my own so I just used one I found online. Now I need to find some bats and take photos of them so I can remake this.

What For? 2

What For?

alright, once again this weeks winner is Rose with…

The freshly-killed whore in the trunk is going to be our new stunt double…she’s going to fall off a 22-storey building and be drug behind a car…

now, where was this sticky posted at?