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Bird Clean up 0

Bird Clean up

After the pillow fight had ended earlier this month the birds started coming in and helping out in picking up feathers.


Barn Owl

I’ve seen one of these guys before but I’ve never been so close. Also I would of liked petting it but not recommend. And can you believe this guy weight less then 2 pounds?


You looking at me?

So I meet up with a friend of mine to do some recording of a short video I’ve been wanting to make and now getting to it because other wise I might never do that. What we did as goto a park near her place, gave her the line and recorded it, and before I did that I saw this bird and for some strange reason decided to take photos of it with the iPad (which is what I’m using to do video for now on) when at the same time I also had the SLR on me. Whatever, still came out well.


Out the Window

Something that happened at my place awhile back. This bird was trying kind of hard to get find a way through my window and kept pecking at it. My cat saw this and tried attacking the bird, it as funny.


Big Bird is Pissed

I’m sure we all remember that line Romney made during the first debate right? Something about how he still likes Big Bird but would cut funding to PBS because of how much money it costs, but doesn’t care about closing tax cuts and loopholes for the richest of everyone that is costing FAR MORE MONEY! During the Zombie Walk on sunday I happened to of noticed this.

Kiwi 0


So awhile ago a friend of my dad’s I guessed wanted some kind of logo for himself, so the two of them asked if I can make something based on his nick-name, Kiwi. Yeah, thats what he is known as. Come up with this. I am so lazy lately, what is wrong with me?