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So I was in Little Tokyo and…

Two different friends were having birthday parties in different parts of the district so of course because I can I took part of both. This photos was taken during one of them but wasn’t from me, but in fact from another friend of mine that wanted to play with my camera some so I gave him a few short tips and he got this which I’m happy with. I did do a little adjustment editing but thats not important. I think the best part was when the birthdays collated and it became a group group of people hanging out.


Michael Jackson Birthday Flashmob ’12

So a friend of mine messaged me and asked if I can take photos of the two flash mobs she was doing sunday (the same day as the women’s rights march). The first one was in Venice in which I was in Hollywood at that time, and the other one was in Downtown at this park that seemed very new. Meant to post those way earlier but being way lazy again lately. It might be the heat.

I don’t have much else to say really, here you go.


Michael Lord’s 21st

So I was on my way to a class of mine, or leaving I don’t know and I ran into Mike. He told me about his birthday party and gave me a flyer, then...