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Black Tie Beach ’14 Photos

I have to say, this year was better then last. We had more people, the day was rather nice, and I wasn’t still feeling like crap after being sick last year (I was still in recovery from something that hit me hard last year). Sadly I was later then I had originally wanted but luckily everyone knew where to go and were easy to find. Good thing I did a bit of scouting before to figure out the right place to set up. Most of the people there were new and they said that might of been the most fun they’ve had at the beach.

Though something strange that happened during it was we all saw these strange blue creatures in the water and washing up on shore and I had never seen anything like it. Turns out, this is something thats been happening on our shores for a while. I thought they were jellyfish because they looked like they might of been but turns out they are not.

Well, I enjoyed myself, and can only hope next year will be bigger.


Happy Friday the 13th – 9.13

It’s coming up to a year since I last my little kitty and it’s sad because there are so many photos I could of taken of her being weird. But at least I still got a lot of her and of the beast that I’ve never posted.


LA Black Tie Beach ’13 Photos

Alright, here we go. It was a rather overcast and cool day at the beach, not really expected for mid august and I also got to the location about an hour after the whole thing started. We had a nice group of people come, just over a dozen and everyone played in the water, frisbee, played int he sand or did something else funny while there. Like always people would walk up to us and ask “whats going on?” and I just told it’s just a day at the beach for us like any other.

Or it was laundry day and that was all we had to wear for the day.