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And they say Drinking is Cheap.

I wonder if this bottle of whatever also works as a USB device? or makes some kind of super fuel? Perhaps it has advanced targeting systems to troll your enemies from afar?

Recycling is fun 0

Recycling is fun

So I was with a friend of mine collected bottles and cans and we made a video of us being weird. It could of been weirder.

everyone has a water bottle brand 1

everyone has a water bottle brand

alright, this weeks winner is Rose Glickman with…

One bag to freeze and throw at the neighborhood kids…One bag to squeeze on “clients” junk to check for sores…

yeah, brutal, and because i can i’ll link to the pic Vassago posted, cracked me a little http://i52.tinypic.com/2dtwrvp.jpg

anywho, people that know me know i watch desperate housewives (is there something wrong with that?!?!?!) and seem they have there own water to. what does it taste like?