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The End is Here 0

The End is Here

I ment to do this last week but of course, lazy still, sorry. I’m working on it to get better, just don’t know whats wrong with me. in the mean time enjoy.


Jesus is Lord huh?

So i was coming out of the subway station in Hollywood last week and I thought i was in Koreatown for a moment, likely because i’ve often found many Koreans to also be Christian. I’ve often find them to be pleasant still, still nutty, but pleasant. One of them handed me a little booklet saying “believe in Jesus and you’ll be saved.” Yes, I believe the fact the guy might have existed but not by that name.

Anywho, added 5 new photos here, they are the ones on the bottom of the page. enjoy

Rapture May 21st – the end is nigh 0

Rapture May 21st – the end is nigh

I actually uploaded this a few hours before it became may 21st here is LA. I interviewed this guy first, and now we know the rapture didn’t happen and camping has now said “It’s really all happening oct 21st” this means 5 more months of looking for these guys and trolling them. good times.


Rapture Riders

As we all know Judgement Day is coming, as predicted by Harold Camping who also predicted Judgement Day would happen in ’94 and was totally wrong. Haha! what an asshole. So over a short course of time i’ve found myself taking photos of some people who believe in this just and for fun really I felt they needed to be posted. Now, i’m sure some of these guys don’t believe themselves May 21st well be the rapture but i’m just going to assume so for now. if i find anymore people i’ll just add to the gallery.

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Crazy in Hollywood – Rapture May 21 0

Crazy in Hollywood – Rapture May 21

i’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and finally did last week and put online today. i feel better.

also for the other video i made about the contest to promote LA for tourist, where i my have recorded some of you for. still waiting to hear from someone so i have the OK to load it online myself. I didn’t get all of you in the final cut because i wanted it to be 1 minute or less and had to cut some stuff out. if you don’t see yourself in it after i loaded it online I can make it up to you some how if you want, just let me know.

anywho new completely different video below. and if your wondering whats with the gold colored theme, i’ll let you in on it later. still need to do one more thing with it for it all to be ready.

places the video has been reposted:
Reddit, Dangerous Minds, Joe my God, Christian Nightmares, Unreasonable Faith

Back home now 0

Back home now

well what an interesting weekend that was. so put camping with two of my friends, one of them gets angry about something unrelated about someone else we know and left. we had search and...