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Oh, Hey There

Yeah, my cat sure likes the dogs a lot. She was there already, then he jumps up and lays down in front of the dog.



My Cat decided to hide in some of the brush at my place, and look cute doing it. Something I find strange about this photo is the others I took of her I don’t think look as good, but the difference here and this I took while looking at the screen and not through the view finder. The colors seem to match better and everything. Well, there is always more experimentation to do I say.


You Must Save Me

The other day I found my dog and cat keeping very close watch of a patch of grass at my place, I knew something was there and as I suspected, a lizard. I picked it up and took it some place safe and as I’m puching it to run away, it turns around and started running up my leg. and every time I kept putting it back on the ground it kept coming back to me. I think it know I didn’t want to hurt it.

Kitty gets belly Scratched 0

Kitty gets belly Scratched

I want to call him a kitten still because he isn’t even a year old, but he is also so big. But yeah, how many cats do you know will let you get away with such a thing?


Always in my spot

Almost always, a cat here. Good thing the two I have now have so much white fur because I’ve accidentally sat on one of my cats before sleeping on my chair. Both of which were black if you remember.