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Chicken, with a side of HATE 0

Chicken, with a side of HATE

Last week while at the Chick-Fil-A in hollywood (the one I was at), there was these two guys that wanted to make out at the place just to be weird and funny. Well, here is their story.


Caption 3.5.10

this weeks winner is Jenn with

You callin’ me YELLA?!

I laughed for a good minute form that, now this weeks photo


Caption 2.26.10

this weeks winner is Rose with

CRAP! That new Vietnamese family in the neighborhood just caught Sammy…I could be next…

yeah, little unfair she got it again

Gimme 0


so my other cat here, yes I have two black cats is reaching out to grab a piece of chicken my sister is holding. I like how well I timed the shot was, she sure does like chicken.