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And people bag on me?

For living around LA? It doesn’t always go under 50 degrees here and if it does it’s usually at night during some of the colder months anyways. And we don’t have the dramatic weather like how it would be so cold and then it would suddenly be in the 90’s, or even in the 100’s.

Damn Cold Here 1

Damn Cold Here

once again, this weeks winner is Max with…

He’s getting ready for the 3rd Annual No Pants Metro Ride. He’s hoping to impress pantsless girls with his pantsless sexiness.

now for this weeks photo. i went up to pyramid lake with a friend of mine to see some snow and to play with it. but i can tell something is hiding in the bushes here. what is it? and yes i know, it’s going to be hard to think of something good here.