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Is this Desperation?

I’ve always heard talk from scientology about how much they are expanding and yet finding no truth in that. But this is the first time I’ve seen them set up at by this red line station other then the North Hollywood, Hollywood/Highland, and 7th and Metro. I was waiting for a friend of mine there and after one woman took the stress test I talked to her and said that was directly connected to scientology. She then asked “is that the crazy church?” Then I said it’s far worse then you think and mentioned the stalking, harassment, threats and other gross behavior they encourage towards critics. Even mentioned the fact they sent someone to my place making legal threats to me all because I was taking photos at a protest and that the only way I can think of they they found out where I live is that they followed me home. Now how they learned my name? I don’t know.

Sinister Scientology Tactics 0

Sinister Scientology Tactics

not a video of mine but made by a fellow critic from an incident that happened about 3 years ago here in LA that I want to help share.

and the authors comments from the video page for more information on the matter and everything that went on.

Part 2 of the video, it’s only a minute longer.

On July 12, 2008, a family went to protest the Scientology Organization in Hollywood, CA. In awareness of the cult’s practice of “Fair Game,” they wore masks to protect their identities.

Upon arriving six blocks from the protest area, mother and children were blocked in their automobile by a sleazy looking private investigator who came up inches from the passenger side of the vehicle and took photos of the children.

Later, the family approached the Subway restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. Seeing a “NO ANONYMOUS” sign, they took a step back. Another adult protester attempted to open the door of the Subway restaurant, and was forcibly stopped by a Scientologist handler who pulled the door shut, refusing entry to the children. In the moments afterward, the scientologist used physical force to bar protesters from opening the door. She claimed Subway “Wants the Sign Up,” and that she was simply enforcing it. “Respect the Sign!” she told the young girls outside.

Then she laughed nervously. “I’m not shutting it, I’m just … OPENING it for you!” She then told the young girls that they could come into Subway, but only if they would “TAKE OFF YOUR MASKS.”

Not. Going. To Happen.

These three young ladies know more about the Cult of Scientology than most Scientologists. And after this experience — well, they know even more.

Portions of this video edit have been omitted from public view for brevity and in the event that a criminal complaint is lodged. No sense in tainting potential jurors.

Scientology operatives brought this video out, they begged for it by posting on my channel. You would be wise to avoid my channel.

FOR FUN: Can you spot the TWO uncover OSA Operatives NOT named in this video…. we can.

As Hubbard said, paraphrased: don’t show your whole hand in the game, and we aren’t 😉

Why We Protest


Here is a short of Nichelle Noelle North being whisked by cult security after the incident.


Los Angeles City Counsel meeting where a neighbor complains to the city board about the hell it is living near scientology. Included is part of the “bad people” video An eye opening video.

Scientology ecclesiastical gulag in Hemet, California.

A heartbreaking poem about Scientology’s “disconnection policy.”

The original “Bad People” video where scientology blocks a disabled woman from going to her own home

Necronomic Cultist 2

Necronomic Cultist

It is unknown what species they are, but rumors say they where a once dominant species on earth that now follow a dark master. This Master has one thing on their mind, and that is to bring an end to all life as revenge for events on what happened during theirs.