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So the Mayan’s were right. 0

So the Mayan’s were right.

Turns out the prophesy called for some evil known as Deathwing sending his minions into our world to destroy it before he can enter our world to finish the job. What ever can we do?


Chinese New Year ’12 Photos

Sorry I took so long but here they are. Religious nuts came out in force and the parade this year seemed shorter. I got there before 1 which is when the parade was set to start and on my way to my spot I ran into another guy I know who was also waiting for it to start but has been there for 2 hours already. By the time it was over I meet with some other people and talking to them some. One lady said to me people like me bring happiness to all and I said back “I don’t know, I think your just being nice.” Then she pointed at my camera and I do so because I’m an artist and share with everyone. I thought that was sweet, I like her.

I have no funny caption for this photo set

Chinese New Year Video 0

Chinese New Year Video

Done by a friend of mine that was also there. I should have my photos up sometime later today. But for now enjoy fun little video.

Anime Expo ’11 Video 0

Anime Expo ’11 Video

The video is now online, four days of crazy, and good times. Also what makes me really happy is the fact this year my tape didn’t mess up. Still, I’m in need of a new camera to do video that isn’t mini DV so that way I can have higher quality video and be better to work with.

Also for some humor reasons I put a futurama clip in, you’ll see why. Last the song that takes over the LMFAO song “Party Rock Anthem” is “Indifferent Suns” from Dark Tranquillity.


Chinese New Year ’08

maybe the most entertaining thing to do on chinese new year, goto chinatown. most big cities have one anyways, every year is the golden dragon parade and other celebrations going on and its a...

GildusTheHarbringer 1


after playing a radioactive game of dungeons and dragons, the player known as GildusTheHarbringer gains the power of a level 34 warrior. armed with +1 mace, dark mail shirt and red shield of blocking, and now for the fun part.

Dragons 0


I don’t know, I just wanted to draw my own version of the dragon. I wanted something that would be simply massive, something that would even make a giant look small. I figure this would work best