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Draw me like one of your French Bunnies

So friend of mine posted a photo of herself doing the pose while also wearing a big rabbit head piece, so then I said you’re on. I got as much of the body I could because some of it was out of frame of the photo that I was looking at anyways.


So this happened somewhere

I found the original image on reddit, posted it on my personally facebook page and was asked if I could ad the text in. Figured why not and here it is. Hey, I thought it was funny.

Car with Charcoal 0

Car with Charcoal

At least I believe it’s charcoal. Enough ALA related posts for now, they are annoying so I’m posting an old drawing of mine from a class I took that I didn’t get to finish because of the limited time given. Not sure anyone else in the class finished either but that doesn’t matter anyways, as long as you did something.

Draw Mohammad Day III 0

Draw Mohammad Day III

Meant to add on to my drawing for this years post. Didn’t really do much to it but I’ll still finish that part up and post anyways. And now a video from thunderf00t

Muhammad v2 0

Muhammad v2

so it looks like this might be a yearly thing. at first i was thinking “do i really want to draw something out again? I mean, i did mine last year and i’m happy with it.” so i just remade on the computer, colored a little and took a very long time doing the beard. wow. anywho, enjoy.

Muhammad 2


No not really, just some random dude I found a photo of and drew out, but we can always say it is. Now I’m sure many people know about the Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! on facebook right? now for anyone that comes to complain I understand the reason muslims wish not to have Muhammad drawn, but just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you an excuse to threaten or kill anyone.

To me this is a matter of free speech and artistic expression, and to limit it is wrong. By doing so will only cause more limitations to the point you are unable to express yourself without the threat of severe punishment or death, and its not just radical Islam that would do that. This goes to everyone, the more you complain, threaten, preach, or try to prove you are the greater good, the more people will question and mock you. No one, No one is above everyone else, to believe you are shows you are insecure and a tyrant.

Grey Abalam 0

Grey Abalam

Its been a while since I posted a drawing, and it was a while ago that I drew this guy… the idea behind him is to have a snake with arms and legs. don’t like how the shoulder armor looks really, I’ll make something more fitting when I redo on my computer (this is if, I kind of lag on that). and the head seems a little big for the body but over all a lot like I had in mind

EKK, It’s a Mouse 0

EKK, It’s a Mouse

I can’t remember what I drew this for but I know it was for someone, turned out not to be used at all but I didn’t care. I have the hand drawing around somewhere, and with this I wanted to mess with illustrators gradient meshes. in turn I liked how it came out, and what it is holding is a laptop.

now something I did was crop the feet off, the reason was I don’t have the main illustrator file anymore, I really don’t know what happened to it. the only saved file I have has an old watermark of mine on it that will be to much a pain in the ass to get rid of, and I don’t want to have to remake it