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When dealing with creepers.

It’s a problem I occasional hear about in the cosplay community. When people goto cons, that want to enjoy themselves, get some attention and to try promoting themselves. But then you have those guys that come in and have an intent thats rather more messed up. I’ve seen a video once where a guy had a go-pro camera on his chest and would record himself hugging some of the female cosplayers. After that video came out a lot of people were talking about beating the person up and at entire time I kept talking about how there is a better way to solve the problem and have a nice laugh at it. I just wish more people would listen to me.

You did What? 5

You did What?

alright, no winner last week, boo…

this week, tell me a story, whats going on with the guys int he photo thats funny?

Oh Joyful Day 1

Oh Joyful Day

alright, sorry i’m posting later then i tend to, but this weeks winner is Jenn with

Orange laughed last, for he didn’t get the joke.

also the video card on my computer died, so i need to get a new one. i still have access to my files but not to photoshop or anything like that. I can always use some help, you can help by promoting my site to your friends. the more people i know come on here the more i’ll feel I want to make some of the other strange crap I do. also paypal: thesteelshark@gmail.com

and now this weeks photo, this guy seems happy about something, what is it about?


POW! straight to the Moon

alright, so by default this weeks winner is Will with…

i was champions in soviet russia

yeah, this week should be easier, much easier. now, this guy here was punched, note the little cotton thing in his nose. what reason was he punched for? to help a little, this was at a football game.