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The End is Here 0

The End is Here

I ment to do this last week but of course, lazy still, sorry. I’m working on it to get better, just don’t know whats wrong with me. in the mean time enjoy.


Jesus is Lord huh?

So i was coming out of the subway station in Hollywood last week and I thought i was in Koreatown for a moment, likely because i’ve often found many Koreans to also be Christian. I’ve often find them to be pleasant still, still nutty, but pleasant. One of them handed me a little booklet saying “believe in Jesus and you’ll be saved.” Yes, I believe the fact the guy might have existed but not by that name.

Anywho, added 5 new photos here, they are the ones on the bottom of the page. enjoy


Judgement Day

After the soapbox race in downtown i went to hollywood because i knew some entertainment would have been going on over there. little did i know i was going to run in to this so i ran up to them took some photos and hung with them for a bit, had some fun.

now i’m going to experiment with something here, as we all know have made my crappy little gallery system for viewing photos on the site that is a pain in the ass for me to do because it is mostly manual and takes a long time so i’m going to test imgurs system to see how it works out for me.

now time to be judged

I Dreamt the World Would End 1

I Dreamt the World Would End

alright, this weeks winner is Andrew with…

“I will destroy everything you know and love.”

and you know she would say it in an adorable way. now this week, the end of the world is today and the dead walk the streets of los angeles. what do they want? what is their story? give me something good.


Rapture Riders

As we all know Judgement Day is coming, as predicted by Harold Camping who also predicted Judgement Day would happen in ’94 and was totally wrong. Haha! what an asshole. So over a short course of time i’ve found myself taking photos of some people who believe in this just and for fun really I felt they needed to be posted. Now, i’m sure some of these guys don’t believe themselves May 21st well be the rapture but i’m just going to assume so for now. if i find anymore people i’ll just add to the gallery.

so you know, i take donations to

What Will you be Doing? 4

What Will you be Doing?

alrightly then now, this weeks winner is Kris with…

Ladies and gentleman, my client says is pleading Tiger Woods Bitches; and further his new girlfriend wants it to be known pouting will not get his estranged wife to magically lose enough weight for that shirt to fit.

yeah i guess i used a crappy picture but this works nicely anyways. now for this week. what will you be doing on this date? which is on a… saturday.