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I don’t have Enemies…

I have potential victims… This is something I’ve been saying for a while and got the idea to make it from watching an episode of The Daily Show when they mentioned something on the subject.


Is that So?

this weeks winner is Alex with…

I want my Baby back, Baby back, Baby back, Babyback ribs, I want my Baby back, Baby back, Baby back, Baby back ribs, Chili’s Baby back ribs.

strange i did not see that coming. this week, what does it mean?

Arch Enemy – Eureka 0

Arch Enemy – Eureka

A video I posted on youtube awhile back, something I always wanted to do was edit a rap video and put a metal song over it just to see how it came out. So later on I got the idea just to take clips from a number of videos with just the women dancing, edit it together and put some new song over it. The song I picked was “Eureka” from the Melodic Death Metal band Arch Enemy off the album Black Earth. In the end it came out so wrong and so funny, now and then people still post comments saying how much they hate me for making this. Good times, anywho, enjoy.

Have I found the secret of life?