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Warming up the Fire

Because thats when you do when at the beach, at night, when it also happened to of been hot that day and is for some reason now cold.

Superpowered Freaks 1 0

Superpowered Freaks 1

Turns out I didn’t post this on the site at all. Well it is now, really one for the first videos I made using any kind of visual effects.

Firefall Gun 0

Firefall Gun

A little webcam photo I took awhile ago asking some people on facebook if they want to do a shoot with them holding it looking all bad ass and such. Sadly not sure that can happen because it’s leaking and I can’t figure out why. I’ve covered up the hole but nothing is working. Anywho, how I got it is during Anime Expo there was a big bus in front in the convention center with a demo of the game Firefall and if you signed up for the beta they would give you this giant, inflatable gun. I asked if it worked on mac but was told it didn’t, but they said to just sign up anyways and I got it. And now that I can’t do anything with it anymore because of this crappy leak and I want a new gun.

To the Sky 0

To the Sky

yeah, made this more sometime around the end of last year for something i wanted to use this idea for but never came to happen really. my god i’m lazy. help, get me to do more stuff people


Let it Burn

sorry I took so long in loading a new photo, was gone most of yesterday and get back home late last night.
alright, now this weeks winner is Andrew with…

You tea baggers are so dead!!

because… freaking… TEABAGGERS!!!! GAAAHHHHHH!!! turtle will eat them all.

anywho… while I was in van nuys a few days ago I saw this in the distance. I’m guessing something was on fire, but what can it be? also I need to post more crap on here, I mean, really.

Going Back in Time 0

Going Back in Time

uploaded for a contest on deviantart, the idea of this contest is to make your own version of the end of the world. This is mine, where everything is just going backwards. No internet, bad TV and music, and people that are massively upright and intolerance due to stupidly. This would truly be hell.

While flying around Los Angeles, our hero can’t help but to wonder where he is. Few things look familiar and everything just looks strange over all, and it doesn’t take long for him to find out where his is now.

after seeing this he becomes enraged and unintentionally sets the ground around him on fire.

The Founding Order 1

The Founding Order

made this for some contest on deviantart, I didn’t win crap… assholes

A new group known as the founding order wishes to bring a new era of peace, justice, and law. much so they will bring an end to anyone that does not follow.

this is a problem for our local heroes who will not to submit there own will to something that has the potential of being far more dangerous

along the way shock gains a new ability, the THUNDERDOME

Attack of the LeperCon 0

Attack of the LeperCon

He’ll give you Leprosy…

so awhile back i had this idea for a photoshopping of some leprechaun like dude attacking people and i came in to battle him for st. patricks day. when i thought of i was already to late, so i figure make it next year… i forgot again, but this year i finally did it