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Kittens Attack Banana 0

Kittens Attack Banana

It’s been awhile since I recorded another video of them. And yes, they have gotten big. As of posting this the video is still being processed. Not sure why it’s taking so long.


Need Food Badly

Ok, so I got the email of my photo from the Gauntlet truck handing out the free turkey legs. Now I enjoyed the game when I played it shortly but I doubt buy it because, I don’t think it will be on Mac OS, or at least not for a while. But I was given a code to get an in game prize so maybe I’ll do some giveaway contest. I’ll figure it out later but check back in when I figure out the details.


So my day is crappy.

Got sick over the weekend and I sent this shirt design in and was rejected due to possible copyright claims. lame. I’ll just have to change things up.


To Damn High…

I have some friends that have seen me pound some stuff down and still have no idea why I’m so skinny.