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Gridlock 1


alright, lots of good captions this week, mostly form the same guy. I like that. but this weeks winner is Vassago with…

Where will you be when YOUR laxatives kick in.

that would totally suck ass if that happened in such a time.

now this week. here in LA we have what is known as the 405 freeway. the most hated freeway of all time. really. and these poor suckers are stuck on it right now. what could be going through the minds of any of them?


Caption 4.2.10

this weeks winner is Jenn with

(2010 auditions for insurance mascots)

slow week this week, or the photos are hard to think of something good for?

CarBQ 0


so I was heading to my web design class awhile back with my sister, and we both see smoke coming from the other side of the freeway. we both thought has to be a car fire or CarBQ as we like to call it. And then it really started to go off, it was awesome.

I’m the Highway 0

I’m the Highway

sony did a contest with deviantart for there laptop the vaio, i just wanted to do something that used shots i got of a roadrunner before because i figured it would fit. i didn’t win anything, oh well