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Draw me like one of your French Bunnies

So friend of mine posted a photo of herself doing the pose while also wearing a big rabbit head piece, so then I said you’re on. I got as much of the body I could because some of it was out of frame of the photo that I was looking at anyways.


So this happened somewhere

I found the original image on reddit, posted it on my personally facebook page and was asked if I could ad the text in. Figured why not and here it is. Hey, I thought it was funny.



so this week had 2 captions to me that stood out most, and had a lot of trouble figuring it out, but I will go with Michelle with…

My nose job hurts.

but just because i can I’ll also post max’s My brain hurts from trying to think of something that hurts.

yeah, I have been very lazy about posting lately, got a lot going on again. I’m I have some good stuff ready to post, just need to remind myself to do that.

and now this weeks, look at this cute little doggy, I saw it in downtown and was like “I want to say bulldog but I’ve never seen one like this.” french bulldog… now the question is, what does it want?