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Fun In Funeral

Another design of mine. It’s just something I’ve said for some time and it’s kind of wrong, but to people like me with a wrong sense of humor it is kind of funny. I got the idea from seeing one shirt on the site T-shirt hell with one saying “You can’t have Manslaughter without Laughter.”


LA Pillow Fight ’11

Yes, they are finally online after a number of delays and working on the page to get them ready is now made. I really don’t have much more of a message but other then it was a lot of fun. Ok maybe I do, a friend of mine asked me how I find out about these events and I told him through facebook and some other people I know. So this is something I’m going to need to start doing, when I find out about something new coming up around LA I’m going to post it, or at least remember to. Am I going to be there? I don’t know, but we’ll see and hopefully I can make it.

so prepare for battle!

Just Waiting 1

Just Waiting

alright, this weeks winner, by default is stephanie with

Shit! Thats what my voice sounds like? They made this look so easy on Glee!! Alright, be cool, just smile. Maybe they wont notice I suck..

I have to be honest, that would have been hard to beat anyways.

and this weeks photo. my kittys, more so a photo of the beast that i forgot about. I still miss her. so they found a cricket what are they thinking?