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Molten Corgi

So I have my warcraft account active again. Ten days, and once I got on this happened. Totally forgot about it but that’s cool I have the little guy. I remember after my last dog died I wanted to get a Corgi, likely because they seem as if they are really cool dogs. Though, it might also have to do with the anime Cowboy Bebop, which there was a Corgi on it named Ein. But the two dog I have now, I like anyways, and they like me. I know this because of how often they like to lick my face.

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What is this Strange Place

So while I was playing Diablo 3, I find myself killing some kind of strange goblin that spawned this unusual looking portal which transported me to this bizarre land. I soon found myself to be attacked by flowers, teddy bears, unicorns and left them to be a bloody mess. It was scary but fun.


Tell me, How do I look.

With the new Warcraft expansion coming out, Blizzard has updated the character models for everyone and is doing a promotion to bring people back in the game by offering 7 days free. (and for European players) Of course I’m going to take advantage of that. I have to say, not sure I’ve ever looked so ferocious. Currently my main is level 73 so lets see how fast I can bring him to level 90. I hope I can do this before time is up.

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How do you Fight a Monster?

Really, I was playing Hearthstone because I couldn’t sleep, and while I was playing against some guy, he put this down, then two other cards which doubled it’s health. And yes I did lose this match.

The Twilight Skymaster 0

The Twilight Skymaster

The quest did bug some when the one wyvern took off but another was for some strange reason in place. I know, low rez but I have it fixed so the next video I record will be better. For the quest The Twilight Skymaster.