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What I got at E3 2015 0

What I got at E3 2015

I got a few nice things here and there at some of the booths inside. I forgot to mention I got a 3rd bag that can act like a backpack. really useful for taking with you to cons but I didn’t notice it was outside the one I was taking everything out of to show off.
anyways, enjoy.


Comic Con ’09

So that was a fun few days I had, took the train down, hung with some newgrounds people, raid a scientology org with some anons, and took over 600 photos. but one thing I don’t do is post them all because you only want to post up the best of them… I also have a little video of a pedobear interview but that will be later

and now the photos you all been waiting for

Back From Comic Con 0

Back From Comic Con

so its been a long 4 days, i got there a little late on day one. i took the train down from my place around LA to San Diego, took 4 hours, this is...

GildusTheHarbringer 1


after playing a radioactive game of dungeons and dragons, the player known as GildusTheHarbringer gains the power of a level 34 warrior. armed with +1 mace, dark mail shirt and red shield of blocking, and now for the fun part.