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How do you Fight a Monster?

Really, I was playing Hearthstone because I couldn’t sleep, and while I was playing against some guy, he put this down, then two other cards which doubled it’s health. And yes I did lose this match.

SDCC Giant Creature 0

SDCC Giant Creature

Not sure why but this took hours to upload. Anywho, there will be another video but of something also very cool, but that will be for later.

Firefall Gun 0

Firefall Gun

A little webcam photo I took awhile ago asking some people on facebook if they want to do a shoot with them holding it looking all bad ass and such. Sadly not sure that can happen because it’s leaking and I can’t figure out why. I’ve covered up the hole but nothing is working. Anywho, how I got it is during Anime Expo there was a big bus in front in the convention center with a demo of the game Firefall and if you signed up for the beta they would give you this giant, inflatable gun. I asked if it worked on mac but was told it didn’t, but they said to just sign up anyways and I got it. And now that I can’t do anything with it anymore because of this crappy leak and I want a new gun.