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It’s Still Sad

This building had some really cool looking graffiti on it and it just gets painted over and other people put new stuff on it thats not as awesome. And all that grass is gone to, lame.


A Sad Thing has Happened

This building that had some graffiti on it saying “ABSOLUTE CHAOS” had it cleaned off. Some new stuff is being put in place but it’s not the same. I would of had a better shot but I was on the train as it was moving and it messed up at the wrong time, so I’ll get another, better one later.


Oh Ronnie Boy

A bit of graffiti I found during the last CicLAvia. I would really like to find more, and since this is LA that should be to hard to find. I guess I just don’t notice a lot of it.


Oh Ronny…

Something I found again form a past event I took photos at. I always looking seeing some kind of cool graffiti like this.


Absolute Chaos

So I was around Northridge and figured I had some time before I headed back home so I got another photo of this. Kind of upset the grass is gone because I feel that helped make the shot before. Oh well.


Is that So?

this weeks winner is Alex with…

I want my Baby back, Baby back, Baby back, Babyback ribs, I want my Baby back, Baby back, Baby back, Baby back ribs, Chili’s Baby back ribs.

strange i did not see that coming. this week, what does it mean?