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Mudkip 0


So I posted on my FB page saying I need to draw something and to give me an idea of a style because I need to experiment in Illustrator some. So a friend of mine said draw a mudkip… so I did. No, not really much of experimenting here but it was fun anyways.

What does it Mean? 1

What does it Mean?

alright, this weeks winner is Kris with…

Towelie’s new AA sponsor Domokun here to remind you vodka is clear.

indeed it is, to bad it’s still nasty. at least to me it is. now, this week, every time i’m on the subway i see this and think it’s funny because the guy is calling on his cel in the subway and you can’t get a signal around LA while underground. but thats not the point, that drawing means something, WHAT?

Breaking Ground 5

Breaking Ground

alright, this weeks caption goes to Vassago with…

The birthday present for people you hate.

alright, lets see what we can get for this week. clearly we have some kind of ground breaking ceremony going one. can you tell what it’s for? give me something funny.