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Totally Metal

Being yesterday was National Metal Day, I figure post something up that is that. Well, somewhat. From a show I was at that was also in party a birthday party for a friend of mine. The band here played well and I would say they can be classed as metal. If the chance came I would see again.

Neat new toy or object of Fear? 0

Neat new toy or object of Fear?

And now it’s done. The photo I used of the guy in the suit was Joel Osteen and it worked perfect. The funny part was when I was looking through photos of him one of them was of him at the beach and I was like “holy crap he’s ripped.” but I’m more awesome still with my pretty hair and nice lean build. That and my far greater might.

And my AXE 0

And my AXE

Not really mine, but from photos a friend took of me looking bad ass on a guitar. This is just for some little thing I’m making right now. All I need now is the right photo of a guy in a suit.


Acoustic K-town Show

So one friend of mine set up a show were he, along with another friend of mine and some other people were going to play invited me to the event. I wasn’t planning on going but another that was going to watch asked me if I was going to and since I was already in the area at the time I figure why not. Two of the people playing also did Enter Sandman and sadly the person singing didn’t know the words to well so she got the rest of the crowd to sing along. Then at the part of the prayer she asked me to do it with her because of my dark and evil voice and sang the rest of it. I’m hoping there is video of that to see how I did, I know I messed up some but thats fine, just want to see it.

Welcome to the show

Totally Metal 2

Totally Metal

alright, first off i’m back home from the first day of Anime Expo, and tomorrow will be more craziness. I’ll have my photos from the first day up soon and i’ll add to it as time goes by so be sure to wait for more.

anywho, this weeks winner is Dennis Wilen with…

Pole dancer Thyme Juana didn’t leave much to the imagination — including her real identity — when she tried to induce TW employees to vote against a proposed labor union.
Her strip tease to the self-composed ‘I Can Pull Your Cable Right Here, Fellas’ constitutes “an unfair labor practice” according to union organizers.
“Shame on Thyme or whatever her name is,” said TW home unit installer Zack Geckleman outside the Wilshire Blvd office building he was picketing.
“I tucked a $20 into her butt-thong and all she did was promise I’d come next Thursday between noon and five.”

i don’t know if thats one like caption or 4 different ones, whatever, still posting.

not this week. can you make something totally metal here?

You did What? 5

You did What?

alright, no winner last week, boo…

this week, tell me a story, whats going on with the guys int he photo thats funny?


Mark Sylvis Tribute Show

So was a fun night with 4 bands playing and proceeds going to his family. Mark himself was a musician and played with 3 of the bands that played, He played guitar and vocals. The first one Almost Gone where different people sang in place of him, another was a cover band he was in and the 3rd band were of supporters. the last band that band was the last one he was in when he died. all bands played hard and they played well and I’m glad I was there to join.

Rock on Man