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Evil Clown 0

Evil Clown

Something my dad asked me to do some strange photoshop with. Don’t ask because I don’t know either.

Firefall Gun 0

Firefall Gun

A little webcam photo I took awhile ago asking some people on facebook if they want to do a shoot with them holding it looking all bad ass and such. Sadly not sure that can happen because it’s leaking and I can’t figure out why. I’ve covered up the hole but nothing is working. Anywho, how I got it is during Anime Expo there was a big bus in front in the convention center with a demo of the game Firefall and if you signed up for the beta they would give you this giant, inflatable gun. I asked if it worked on mac but was told it didn’t, but they said to just sign up anyways and I got it. And now that I can’t do anything with it anymore because of this crappy leak and I want a new gun.



Something I was working on for another project that I haven’t really don’t much with because I don’t know all that much when it comes to working in 3D. Haha, I’m being lazy again. Also I had kind of a long day. I should get to sleep soon.


For what Reason?

Alright I know last weeks photo was bad, but I couldn’t find anything that good so I panicked and went with that… this week, love them? don’t shoot them. why?

Yeah all I can find slightly new years related. The best part was this photo was taken in July last year.