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Oh Joyful Day 1

Oh Joyful Day

alright, sorry i’m posting later then i tend to, but this weeks winner is Jenn with

Orange laughed last, for he didn’t get the joke.

also the video card on my computer died, so i need to get a new one. i still have access to my files but not to photoshop or anything like that. I can always use some help, you can help by promoting my site to your friends. the more people i know come on here the more i’ll feel I want to make some of the other strange crap I do. also paypal: thesteelshark@gmail.com

and now this weeks photo, this guy seems happy about something, what is it about?



so this week had 2 captions to me that stood out most, and had a lot of trouble figuring it out, but I will go with Michelle with…

My nose job hurts.

but just because i can I’ll also post max’s My brain hurts from trying to think of something that hurts.

yeah, I have been very lazy about posting lately, got a lot going on again. I’m I have some good stuff ready to post, just need to remind myself to do that.

and now this weeks, look at this cute little doggy, I saw it in downtown and was like “I want to say bulldog but I’ve never seen one like this.” french bulldog… now the question is, what does it want?