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The Jeffersonian

Anyone here seen the show Bones? I started watching it sometime last year and found myself kind of enjoying it. But any who this building is often on the show as the outside of what is known as the Jeffersonian Institute but is really the east side of the Natural History Museum here in LA. I would of got another shot of it with the fountain in front but to get the right shot with the building there I would need a crane, or use my power of flight that I prefer not to show off, yeah thats it. And one more thing, did I mention I got sick after Anime Expo this year? seems a lot of other people got sick to right after. I wonder what was going around that caused that?


Natural History Museum LA

So I went with some friends of mine and all decided to have a little fun while there, got a nice little handful of photos and played around with some stuff (that they are cool with you playing with). I really need a new system on posting photo galleries on the site without using my picasa page, so I’ll have to try to figure something out on what to do for that.

but for now check them out on there anyways

Hecatonchires 0


So in Greek Mythology was a creature called the Hecatonchires or the Hundred-Handed Ones. On the History Channel there is a show called “Clash of the Gods” and as I posted before mythology fascinates me. In a few episodes they mention the Hundred Handers playing a few roles and I just felt like making my own version.

So to get things started there is no way I can draw something out with a hundred hands because I don’t have the patients, so I cut the number down a lot. So I gave it 6, one for each arm, and just to entertain myself I gave it scorpion like stingers on the back, a lot like that of Andariel of Diablo 2