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What’s this I see Here?

Alright, this weeks winner is Kris with…

In hindsight, the rules’Take a shot every time you want to punch Ryan Seacrest’ was probably a bad idea.

I agree, people complain about mexicans stealing all the jobs, it’s really Seacrest, you know how many he has. This week, you all know you love cybil, the most adorable kitty ever. Clearly she sees something and wants to rush over to it and take it down. What is it?


I’m on the Hunt I’m after You

alright, this week the winner is Andrew with…

It has been feasting on the blood of the nonbelievers. Then it will have a blood orgy with the other woodland critters.

this week, this little guy is after something, what is it? and no not last weeks squirrel.

Lurking in the Lilys 3

Lurking in the Lilys

alright, so this weeks winner, once again is Rose Glickman with…

It’s made of the tears of women who find-out their men are secretly watching Desperate Housewives and enjoying it…

alright, this week we have this neat little bird here, and it’s is after something. you tell me