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I have a Twitter… 0

I have a Twitter…

yes, yes i do. now i have a new way to post stupid crap all the time that i will find a way to have it connect to the site here. and i will try to use it to help promote my site here, YAY!!!

also the new layout should be done soon, just trying to fix somethings. if you find anything out of place let me know and i’ll see if i can fix that after i post it up.

welcome to the void


It’s a party up in here

lets see, bubbles, saw coming, Jesus Juice saw coming, also expected “cremated ashes” or hoped but don’t see. but this weeks winner is Graydon with

Win or lose, the Lakers fans now have something to throw after tonight’s game!

because here in LA, we have the best riots, now this week… you tell me

I want to Know, Again 2

I want to Know, Again

so I went to universal this time with the same question because I wanted to hear from some more people, and I felt I got better answers this time.

anywho the sites I posted during that one guys answer had nothing to do with this video, but they are some I like to check out now and then that entertain me

Tell me more

I want to Know 0

I want to Know

So want to more videos again, a lot of them but not to much where I’ll tire myself out. I decided to go out and ask people what do they want to see more of on the internet, and not a lot of people seem to go online or know much about it. I always knew I was the weird one.

I want to Know


Whats Online?

AAA doesn’t like that his bittorrent file is taking to long to download