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Scott Ramsoomair Interview 0

Scott Ramsoomair Interview

A little video I did at Anime Expo with the creator of the web comic VGCats. I know, kind of crappy but I do what I can. And be sure to check out his site to, it has cats and stuff.

Cutting Hair 2: The Revenge 0

Cutting Hair 2: The Revenge

Yes, almost 3 years after my last hair I did it again. If you ask me it’s nice like this again because something I hate a lot about my hair when it’s long is how easily it gets tangled so brushing it sucks massively. Well, time to start on batch 4 now

Welcome to Los Angeles 0

Welcome to Los Angeles

first of all, i recorded more people but i had to cut them out because i thought needed it to be under a 1 minute. clearly i was given bad info. if I recorded you and didn’t get in let me know and i’ll find some way to make it up to you if you want.

made for some lame contest i knew i would lose, but why not try anyways. no idea on what to do so i make it like the “welcome to california” ad to show how much there is to do in the area.

here or the rest of the videos that were liked the most. personally i thought most were lame anyways other the one with the hands, I had a nice laugh with it. SUPER LAME FEST

and if they decide to do this contest again, i know exactly what to do now. and it will have my neat visuals

Warlock Performs Magical Intervention for Charlie Sheen EXTREME 0

Warlock Performs Magical Intervention for Charlie Sheen EXTREME

so i saw this news report awhile ago and couldn’t help but to think how strange that was, but I also felt something was missing. watching far to much superhero shows and movies and other stuff like buffy the vampire slayer has totally ruined me because i was expecting neat visuals. so i did what any other bored weirdo would and put a few in. enjoy