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Grinch Jong Un

And here is it finished. The plan was to photoshop Un’s head onto the Grinch’s body, so I first drew him out, traced, modified, placed in the screen shot and did final editing touches. I like it.


Break the Internet

Well, the internet did go crazy after this got online. Personally, I don’t like Kim Kardashian, never really did. At first I didn’t care about her, figured she would just go away soon after people started talking about her but nope, I still hear about what she is up to and it’s difficult to avoid.

Now I’m sure as anyone checking this page would know, there have been a number of other people that have photoshopped the original photo. Many of them funny, and even buzzfeed got in on it with some of the guys form the site doing a shot of themselves doing the same thing. Well, as I can only say, I really hope she just goes away. Also, so many adjustment layers.


So I was playing a game and…

The game being Plants vs Zombies 2 on my iPad and after playing a level this popped up as the in game ad. So it seems someone more useless then me, still, has a game out with her likeness and making money off of it. After some quick reading on the game it also seems insanely stupid. Now I’m sure there are people that would say to me, “You are jealous that you’re not as famous, rich, or as pretty as her.” Sorry, but the reason I don’t like the Kardashian/Jenner family is because they are famous for the wrong reasons and it mostly has to do with their stupidity. Oh, and I’ve hung out with much better famous people to, like Christina Milian.