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Kitty gets belly Scratched 0

Kitty gets belly Scratched

I want to call him a kitten still because he isn’t even a year old, but he is also so big. But yeah, how many cats do you know will let you get away with such a thing?

Kitten Curious of Printer 0

Kitten Curious of Printer

I was printing out sheet of card and she came out to watch. And then i decided to record her watch as I printed out the second sheet.


Sleep little Kitty

So once again nothing for this week, hate you all. This week, some people don’t know this but we aren’t the only animals that have dreams while we sleep. Watch your dogs or cats carefully while and you get the sense they doing that to. Now my kitty here was sleeping right in front of me and it was cute and she had to of been dreaming about something. What was it?