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So I was in KoreaTown and…

Of course they are going to be by one of the subway stations. I was in the area the other day and as I was heading back home I was talking to this one guy. And before we went underground I saw them crossing the street, I decided to get a quick shot of them thinking “I know what I’ll be posting on the site” then proceeded to head underground.


Acoustic K-town Show

So one friend of mine set up a show were he, along with another friend of mine and some other people were going to play invited me to the event. I wasn’t planning on going but another that was going to watch asked me if I was going to and since I was already in the area at the time I figure why not. Two of the people playing also did Enter Sandman and sadly the person singing didn’t know the words to well so she got the rest of the crowd to sing along. Then at the part of the prayer she asked me to do it with her because of my dark and evil voice and sang the rest of it. I’m hoping there is video of that to see how I did, I know I messed up some but thats fine, just want to see it.

Welcome to the show


What does now?

so like yeah, only one person posted for last weeks photo. I have someone I know tell me it was to hard to think of something good, but the one caption posted in fact made me have a little crack, making this weeks winner be default is Michael Pattinson with…

Sir, “bus pass” does not mean you can “bus pass-out”!

also in sad news, my older cat died thursday, I was with her the whole and I watched her go. It was heartbreaking but I’m proud of her, she lived a long time and was quite a fighter till the end. I’ll going to made a little photo memoriam of her, one of the greatest cats to live, and was once power enough to take down a crow, a bird her size.

and now what you have all been waiting for, this weeks photo, you tell me…