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Kraken + idea? 2

Kraken + idea?

so here is an updated version of the drawing, I wanted to do this because I liked how the drawing came out, and looked like it would be easy to do (haha). But anywho I’m hoping to hear from some people about this, as we all know people like uploading crappy graphic images they make to sites that print shirts right? should I do the same thing with my drawings? would anyone buy them?

they are simple really but sometimes that works best, I don’t know, you let me what you think…

The Kraken 0

The Kraken

so I wanted to draw a type of creature that would be like the spawn of the great old one Cthulu but I couldn’t think of a good name, and then it hit me when I was watching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. how did I not think of that before?