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Nisei Week LA ’14

This is coming. Hope to make it this year because the last one I had to miss because I was sick. Not sure what it was but it hit hard. I should be feeling better by then anyways.

Chester See’s Biggest Fan 0

Chester See’s Biggest Fan

A friend of mine asked if I can help with a video he had in mind and I ended up recording and edited it. Why? Because I can. It’s a bit silly and makes no sense but lets see where it goes.


Nisei Week ’13

How I learned about this event was last year I posted on my facebook page asking if anyone knows of anything going on that weekend and one friend of mine invited me to this. So now here it comes again for this year and I made this strange little thing.


Nisei Festival ’12

So I friend of mine was telling me about this earlier in the week and invited me to join in so I figured why not. So the whole deal of the event is about Japanese Americans and how they are a part of our culture and to celebrate it. It started off with me meeting with some people at this one little staged area during a cosplay competition in which the winner and other favorites won some kind of figurine. so then it was wondering around some more, taking more photos and mainly talking to other people there. And finally the parade. It was rather short and I hung with this one group and took some photos of them as the walked the route. It was strange because I’m a little more used to being in a parade on my rollerblades and taking photos from there, because i’m baller like that. I guess it’s because I didn’t expect that to happen, oh well.

Let the festival commence


Little… Gazebo?

Awhile ago a friend of mine got married and asked me to take photos and this was my fav of the bunch. I have no idea why. As for photos I’m editing a bunch for someone (still, hate that I’m taking so long but would like one of them to get hold of me) wiping the background from them and putting in new ones. Earlier today I come across an image someone made about freelancers and it’s so true. hopefully I can find that again and I’ll post it.

Looking For Group: Slaughter Your World 0

Looking For Group: Slaughter Your World

I first saw this video a long time ago and had a great big laugh. and still to this day i love it. sadly the movie that should be going with it I have not seen anywhere. is it still being worked on? is it already online and i’m to lazy to look for it? oh well, enjoy.