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You Must Save Me

The other day I found my dog and cat keeping very close watch of a patch of grass at my place, I knew something was there and as I suspected, a lizard. I picked it up and took it some place safe and as I’m puching it to run away, it turns around and started running up my leg. and every time I kept putting it back on the ground it kept coming back to me. I think it know I didn’t want to hurt it.


It’s a Toad!

It’s, a, bloody, toad! before I goto sleep at night I like to watch TV, and Who Wants to be a Millionaire was on and this question comes up. Right away I said, Horned Toad. The person on stage was unsure and figured it could be the Whale Shark. Sad. So they called in a lifeline, the Plus 1, also unsure they guessed the Whale Shark. Oh boy. Last she asked the attendance and they confirmed to me over 70% of the people there might of failed their biology class. That or never took it.