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May Day ’13

So I was in downtown after hearing about some kind of party with a mass of mexicans. Well someone was right because thats what I found. Ok, there was more then just mexicans, but I say that because the May Day Rallies are often about demands for immigration reform. And since many people seem to think of hispanics or latinos as immigrants, while the fact there are also immigrants from all over the world that all look very different from each other. Hell, this country is made up of immigrants.

after all, this land was made for you and me.

What Will you be Doing? 4

What Will you be Doing?

alrightly then now, this weeks winner is Kris with…

Ladies and gentleman, my client says is pleading Tiger Woods Bitches; and further his new girlfriend wants it to be known pouting will not get his estranged wife to magically lose enough weight for that shirt to fit.

yeah i guess i used a crappy picture but this works nicely anyways. now for this week. what will you be doing on this date? which is on a… saturday.