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Anoniversary ’10 – Socal MegaRaid

3 Days of Epic Enturbulation, I was only able to make 2 of them but over all it was exciting and a lot of fun…

the first day started with a Press Conference in Hollywood, we had many news vans parked outside and a number of critics join us. Even someone from Freedom Magazine (a scientology publication) came to record the event, he asked if he can come it and said it was fine as long as he doesn’t cause problems. It turned out he did, he was just trying to record peoples faces in the crowd. He left after we uncovered what he was really doing, and that didn’t take long. Soon after We went to Gold Base and got attacked by a bulldozer, HAHA!

Day 2 was a Tour of Hollywood, many out of Towners came and raided with us and had a lot of fun, it took a while for handers to come out and they all looked pissed. What make it better was the scientology kept telling us where where criminals and such, I pulled out a short list (4 pages) of crimes done by scientologist including that of hubbard himself. They kept saying they are all lies, yes because we never see scientologist do anything wrong

I was unable to make Day 3 due to other plans, but over all it was great…