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GolfKon ’14 – Memorial Tournament ’14

So as you saw on yesterdays post the event I was at was on the news. The day started off with me getting there early because I didn’t want to arrive just after noon when it had already gotten hot. I helped out some getting the course ready and by 11 the practice round had started for anyone trying to get a feel of the place. A lot of people came in to the event and before the whole thing started Don Fullilove appeared, and then Claudia soon after.

The first match was played by Claudia and Don and both of them ended up getting the same score. Don wanted to play again to get a better one this time around and I offered to be his partner. I didn’t do so well myself but he did get a better score so that make him happy. I also enjoyed playing with him do to the fact he is kind of funny. While there Claudia also mentioned to me a store she runs, Armani Wells and from what she told me in what she sold, I might be interested in checking it out to see if something over there can be of use to me, and from what I understand is also cheap which is really nice for me.

A bit of a while after the crowd had died down and we got to the last rounds of the event and we soon after had a winner.


Ida Memorial Raid

So on saturday we went to gold base out in riverside county which is the 100th birthday of Hubbard himself (really the next day was) but protest was in honor of a much greater person, Ida Camburn. She was one of scientology’s earliest critics and lost her son to the cult after he had joined in due to their disconnection policy. Along with protesting she would also write to elected officials in hopes they can help out in her plight. One person that responded was Congressman Leo J. Ryan who was also very out spoken on scientology but later killed by People’s Temple. Ida made a promise to Ryan that she would keep fighting them for as long as she can, and I along with many other are willing to keep up the fight… for justice and everyone scientology was willing to attack and destroy.

don’t worry Ida, We got this.